miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

Why all this?

Why start a bilingual blog?
I feel that keeping a blog in English will allow me to share my views with more people than simply writing it in Spanish. I will write comments in Spanish, probably in both languajes, but it depends on the little time I have.
Besides, I hope some friends who share similar views on life will help me keep the good work up, so there be two tongues speaking, this will be "bilingual".
Why start a blog?
As I have said, I hope to share my views on life and the world situation. Human kind faces an unprecedented crisis, in which enviromental, social and economic factors are more interlinked than ever. There's a lack of views that don't follow the dominant conservative discourse, in which only market forces are allowed a piece of truth. The truth is that, western way of life, greedy of resources and not caring for the aftermath, as we know it, can lead the world to disaster. Besides, the war on terrorism is changing the world for worse without actual benefits for citizens. All those who think that another, more fulfilling world is possible, should speak up loudly our ideas.

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