lunes, 17 de marzo de 2008

New job, sprained ankle

Yes, I will try to post again in English!. This looks more a monolingual blog than a true partially bilingual thing.
As I told you some weeks a go (or didn't I?) I was triying to get a new job, this dated back to a couple of years ago when things went definitively wrong at my working place. Not that my job was at risk, no worry, and the pay was not bad. But somehow I felt that I didn't fit and needed a change. Besides, I started longing for the more intense hospital life. Maybe the second was a result of the first.
Well, after some haggling, a person retired and I was offered the job, the main cause being that there are no more suitable candidates (ooooops!). Well, I´ll say that I'm the best candidate possible.
Another reason is my dislike of what I call "driving-jobs". Those jobs where you must drive to get there. There was a bad bus connetion, and if I wanted to go with the kids to school, I couldn't fit my schedule in there. Bike riding is out of the question, my life is too precious. And the segway is not fast enough, and there are some spots in which a Segway could be as dangerous as a bike. Less driving will mean less expense, but also less carbon emissions. We already produce too much carbon.
Well then, there you have the new Iñigo: at Univerity Hospital "Marqués de Valdecilla", Santantder, Cantabria, Spain. Write if you need something from me.
Just to celebrate I happened to sprain an ankle the second day in my job. This was the left one, the right one has had its fill and decided to wait for later. The disaster was not so terrible, but the insurance was not paid and I have to run with the cost! Nevertheless, I have taken some photos of my own feet, I hope you enjoy them.

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Enhorabuena, Iñigo. Los que te conocemos ( una legión) estamos seguros que, a no tardar, empezaran a moverse las cosas por el nuevo trabajo. A mejor, of course.