lunes, 27 de agosto de 2007

(extra) Ordinary Dinner: hybrid spaghetti.

Two days ago we had an extraordinary dinner. I mention that because it was the only memorable thing of a terrible day. The kids behaved terribly, Juan as usual had his craving for glory, that is, he kept on annoying everybody in the family. Sara copied him, not to lag behind!

All in all, when they went tobed it was a blessing. The peace!

And now to dinner. We didn't feel like making anything complicated, so we turne to the always - helpful spaghetti. I will call them "Hybrid spaghetti", because: we used common white spaghetti (pasta al ouvo), black spaghetti (with squid ink). We fried some garlic until it was a beautiful hazelnut brown, and added chips of cured Spanish sheep cheese (the kind known as "Pata mulo", that is Mule's leg). Some Rioja wine.

Superb. Enjoyed every bit of it.

Then to bed. Thanks o god!

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